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Get on the Information Highway



If you don't already have a Web site, you may not know that two-thirds of all Americans regularly use the Internet for email, research, education and entertainment.

A Web site provides you with the benefits of all of these methods of staying in touch and getting your message out to the community.

Your customers have a place to check out your hours of operation, regular menu, and any daily or weekly specials.

You have the ability to increase your selling base, not only in your local area but statewide and even beyond.

Your members, and potential members, are using the Internet at home, school and work.  If you don't have a Web site, you are missing a valuable way of communicating with your members, your community and those who are searching for information about churches and community.

Internet information can greatly reduce printing and mailing costs.  Information that you now distribute via handouts, brochures and newsletters is readily available online, avoiding print dissemination costs. 

Let us help you develop that site and increase your business while decreasing your operating expenses.